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PhotoDemon 6.4

Đã gửi: Thứ 2 11/08/2014 5:52 pm
by tungblt
Tên chương trình: PhotoDemon 6.4
Ngôn ngữ lập trình: VB6
Tác giả: Tanner H
Chức năng: Chỉnh sửa hình ảnh
Đây là bản cập nhật PhotoDemon ngày 10 - 8 của Tanner H trên PSC. Rất có ích nếu bạn nào muốn tìm hiểu về chỉnh sửa ảnh.
Hình ảnh
10 AUG 2014 UPDATE
Hello friends. It's been a long time, but I hope the wait was worth it, because PhotoDemon now supports layers. Too many new features to name in this release; you can see a full list of updates here. Some highlights include: support for unlimited number of layers. Live changing of layer opacity and size, plus 24 blend modes. Non-destructive editing via new "quick fix" tools. Many new adjustment tools, including auto-correct color, contrast, and lighting, split-toning, HDR, updated Curves and Levels tools. Many new effects, including noise removal, glass tiles, colored pencils, Kuwahara filtering, lens flare, sunshine, stained glass (worked on with Robert Rayment). Many other effects and tools have been rewritten with new dialogs and features. Also, new Straighten tool available - thanks to ha_asgag for the suggestion.
p/s : Ai nói Vb6 hết thời [-X