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[Tuyển dụng - HCM] Cơ hội việc làm cho Senior .NET Software Engineer

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[Tuyển dụng - HCM] Cơ hội việc làm cho Senior .NET Software Engineer

Postby lethienanh » Tue 17/03/2020 1:58 pm

** About company: Centered on business software solutions and software development services.

** Salary Range: up to 34mil gross (VND)/month.

** Job Description:
- Take responsibility for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving the process compliance of each corresponding department.
Designer / Developer / Database (level 1)
- Select the most appropriate technical solution (architecture, design approaches or preliminary designs) and then demonstrate proposed solution to the client and the development team.
- Understand non-functional requirements such as performance, scalability, security, maintainability and consult Technical Leads to create solutions meeting those requirements for a complex enterprise application.
- Design the software application based on architecture and requirements (design packages, design subsystems, …)
- Review code.
- Design the software application based on architecture and requirements (design packages, design subsystems, …)
- Write design/implementation documentation.
- Aid in creating prototype/test applications.
- Adhere to strict delivery schedules.
- Coding, implementing, maintain, and troubleshoot software.
- Work with members of project teams to make certain specifications are satisfied.
- Mentor and provide guidance to Software Engineers.
- Scan the market for new tools/technology and evaluate them.
- Pilot new tools/technology.

Technical Leader (level 2)
- Establish the architecture of the software developed (SAD – Software Architect Document)
- Make presentation/white paper for new tools/technology.
- Participate in the recruitment for Software Engineer resources when necessary.
- Capable of establishing the plan for small projects.


** Requirements:
- Good knowledge of software development process, especially software analysis & design processes, implementation process.
- Good experience in technologies that match the company's focus:
NET Core and MVC,
Integrations with REST APIs
SQL Server
At least basic JS, CSS, HTML
Good architecture + design
Exp. with AWS/Azure a plus (table storage, etc.)
Financial exp. a plus

- Capable of English speaking, writing and listening skills with equivalent to TOEIC 600 scores
- Aptitude to learn and understand new and emerging technologies.
- Good writing skills, communication skills, problem solving skills.
- Good presentation skills.
- Team-oriented.
- Ability to work independently - self-directed.
- Degree in Computer Science, IT or related disciplines

** Benefits:
- Company trip, team building parties, Year-end party, … and activities for special days in the year.
- Happy hour (twice/month)
- Technical seminar
- Training activities: Management, Soft skill, Technology.
- Others: Charity events, Women day, Children day, Employee of the Quarter/Year, etc.
- Tet bonus
- English incentive from 12-24 million/ year
- Referral bonus from 5 -20 million
- Specialized research and in-house training conducting bonus
- Certificates incentive
- Annual Health-check Program
- Working time from 08:30- 17:30 (Monday – Friday)

View more jobs at here: https://www.jt1.vn/top-it-jobs
Contact us: https://www.jt1.vn/contact-jt1

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